Question Preparation

On each day that we have a visitor, take some time to read up on their background: check out the publication they edit, read an essay they’ve written, look over some of the books they’ve edited or published. Then draft one thoughtful question for them. Bring this question to class the day they visit, and… Continue reading Question Preparation


Find a writer who needs some help with an essay, short story, or other document (if you’re in doubt as to whether it’s appropriate, talk to me). It might be a fellow student writing for a class (this is low-hanging fruit, though); it might be a fellow student writing for Cogitare, The Quad, or The… Continue reading Portfolios


Choose two chapters from What Editors Do that you want to present on. Before the allotted day, read the chapter carefully and construct an outline of its argument. Then create a handout with this outline, three or four well-crafted discussion questions, and any other information that will aid your presentation of this material to your… Continue reading Presentations

Style Reports

Read the assigned section from Dreyer. Choose a rule or guideline that stands out to you—maybe it’s one you didn’t know about before, maybe it’s one you disagree with (yes, it’s quite acceptable to disagree regarding stylistic matters!), maybe it’s a pet peeve of yours. Identify it, explain it in clear English, then find an… Continue reading Style Reports

Publication Report

“By ‘discourse’ I mean stretches of language which ‘hang together’ so as to make sense to some community of people.” James Paul Gee, Social Linguistics and Literacies, 112. Choose an online or print publication. If you prefer, you might instead choose a company or brand (e.g. Groupon, or a company that targets a particular demographic… Continue reading Publication Report