Virtues of Renewal

Virtues of Renewal: Wendell Berry’s Sustainable Forms (The University Press of Kentucky, 2018).

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Endorsements and Reviews

“Bilbro’s book is much more than a splendid celebration of the rich oeuvre of Wendell Berry—it is an eloquent invitation, companionable with Berry’s own, to share in a livable, human world in which creation is joyfully nurtured as a means to fuller human flourishing. Bilbro shows us how such literature opens our imagination to things in life far more enduring than consumer goods and technological diversions, ultimately to learn to love as we were meant to love.” David Lyle Jeffrey, author of In the Beauty of Holiness: Art and the Bible in Western Culture

“Focusing on seven virtues in particular, Jeffrey Bilbro successfully demonstrates not only how these are articulated in Berry’s works but also how Berry’s literary forms model the virtues themselves. Wide-ranging in its references to Berry, to other literature and literary theory, and to a host of contemporary concerns, the book should be of great value to all readers of Berry as well as to those interested in the rediscovery of the role of the virtues in our moral language.” Fritz Oehlschlaeger, author of The Achievement of Wendell Berry: The Hard History of Love

“Understanding Wendell Berry’s work rightly and appreciating it fully require exactly the kind of intellectual and imaginative agility we get from Professor Bilbro, who is clearly one of our best guides to this nation’s most important living writer. Virtues of Renewal is a plain-speaking book of depth, breadth, and erudition.” Jason Peters, editor of Wendell Berry: Life and Work