One Drive

Save your essays to One Drive or some other location in the cloud. Do not let a computer crash ruin your semester.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in the library near my office, and I encourage you to take your papers there in the early stages of your drafting. It often helps to bring your essay to the same tutor multiple times during your drafting and revision. It is a great place for serious conversation about how to hone your writing and ideas.

Buhl Library

The library and the people who work there are your friends. The librarians can find almost any book in existence and get it for you, so ask for help, check out (and read) lots of books, and take advantage of the quiet study areas upstairs.


Obviously books are an invaluable aid to your learning, but I list them here because I’ve noticed that many students don’t really digest the assigned books, much less explore books on their own. So I encourage you to read carefully and deeply. I also strongly recommend annotating your books extensively. Here’s a helpful guide to how to annotate well. And here’s a brief reflection on how annotation can be an act of reverence.

The Owl

The Purdue Owl has lots of guidance regarding citation styles, grammar and punctuation, and basic writing.


Engage your friends in this class and around campus with the ideas you are reading about and working on in your papers. Lively discussion is one of the best ways to clarify your thoughts and develop your essays.