Style Reports

Read the assigned section from Dreyer. Choose a rule or guideline that stands out to you—maybe it’s one you didn’t know about before, maybe it’s one you disagree with (yes, it’s quite acceptable to disagree regarding stylistic matters!), maybe it’s a pet peeve of yours. Identify it, explain it in clear English, then find an example of it in the wild (either one that follows the rule or one that violates the rule). Explain why this instance works or doesn’t work. Such an explanation requires a bit more than just identifying whether an example follows a rule or does not follow a rule; it entails showing how following the rule leads to clarity or beauty or some other good, or, on the other hand, how not following the rule results in confusing or ugly prose.

Each entry should be approximately 200 words. Write them with verve and humor! Bring a printed copy to class. You may be called upon to share it with the class before turning it in.