Before the final exam, you will memorize a poem by Wendell Berry (if you choose a particularly long one, you can select a section of at least 15 lines to commit to memory). During the final, you will write out the poem by hand and reflect on its form in a well-written essay. Begin with… Continue reading Final

Analysis of Form

A) You can either compare multiple versions of the same poem, essay, or story to see what the revisions reveal about Berry’s understanding of form, or B) you can focus on a particular image or line (i.e. “Thy life’s a miracle” or “there comes a longing again never to travel anywhere except by foot” or… Continue reading Analysis of Form

WB Final Essay

Take what you’ve learned from Wendell Berry this semester and apply it to a question that perplexes you. For instance, if you’re a pre-med student, you could write about what a Berry-inspired hospital might look like. Or if you’re an education student, you could write about how Berry might go about the work of teaching.… Continue reading WB Final Essay