WB Final Essay

Take what you’ve learned from Wendell Berry this semester and apply it to a question that perplexes you. For instance, if you’re a pre-med student, you could write about what a Berry-inspired hospital might look like. Or if you’re an education student, you could write about how Berry might go about the work of teaching. Or you could write about community development, missions, congregational care, the Christian imagination, etc. in conversation with Berry’s vision. This essay should obviously cite multiple sources by Berry as well as other sources as needed and should be 10-12 pages. In essence, I’m hoping that you will take the agrarian perspective that Berry develops and use it to view a portion of the world that interests you, perhaps learning how to practice resurrection in this area of life.

We’ll host a gathering near the end of the semester at our home, during which you can give brief descriptions of your essays to the rest of the class.