Final Project

The final project can focus on policy, publicity, or public practice. Once you have an idea, talk with me and we’ll come up with a reasonable form for this project to take. You might write a standard, 8-10 page academic essay that makes an argument for an environmental policy, or you might design a publicity… Continue reading Final Project

Grow a Plant

Grow a plant. That’s the assignment. Figure out what conditions you need to create for the plant of your choice to flourish, and obtain seeds or cuttings. It might be an edible plant, a flower, a houseplant–you choose. Keep a daily journal of the process and remark on both the literal details of the plant’s… Continue reading Grow a Plant


During our discussions, we’ll cover a wide range of topics that we won’t have time to investigate fully. If something strikes your imagination, ask me if it would be suitable for this assignment (or I may simply assign you to present on a topic!). You’ll have about a week to do some reading and research… Continue reading Presentations

Practice Paper

Do something repeatedly to develop an ecological virtue such as attention, humility, justice, etc: take a walk, identify all the plants in a particular area, weed a garden, volunteer at Jennings or a food pantry, go fishing, make maple syrup, cook meals whose ingredients you grow or source, etc. Write a 1,000-1,200 word essay articulating… Continue reading Practice Paper

Preclass Reflections

DIRECTIONS FOR PRECLASS REFLECTION WRITING At the beginning of the semester, I will assign you to write reflections as part of group 1, 2, or 3. There are 13 opportunities for each group, and you need to turn in 10 reflections over the course of the semester, so you may choose which three weeks to… Continue reading Preclass Reflections