Interview Assignment

Find an expert on some feature of your artifact. This might be a professor, a member of the local community, or someone you know from high school or your hometown. Feel free to ask me or the archivist Susan Panak for ideas on who you might want to interview. Do enough research on the artifact… Continue reading Interview Assignment

Artifact Analysis

For this assignment, you’ll first have to find an artifact in the SAU archives. There are all kinds of items held here, to get your creative juices flowing, here are just a few topics represented in the archive’s collections: • Pioneers in Michigan (Gitchell diaries) • Free Methodist history • Education (co-ed dorms, seminary farm,… Continue reading Artifact Analysis

Visual Interpretation Assignment

Literary artists are not the only ones whose imaginative engagement with the Bible can drive us deeper into its significance. Visual artists likewise interpret Biblical passages in their representations of particular events. This assignment entails looking carefully, paying close attention to how subtle details can reveal significance. Students in both the sciences and the humanities must… Continue reading Visual Interpretation Assignment

Remediation Assignment

Your final project contains three pieces: you will 1) convert your Researched Argument Essay into another medium, 2) write a Rhetorical Response that analyzes the rhetorical choices you made and conveys your understanding of the rhetorical situation, and 3) present your new media composition. The first two will be graded together and will comprise your… Continue reading Remediation Assignment

Summa Assignment

To do this assignment successfully, you will need to frame your thesis as one possible answer to a very specific question. Your goal should be to ask a question that’s relevant to your group’s topic. This question will form the basis for your Synthesis Essay, so spend the time now to formulate it carefully. You… Continue reading Summa Assignment

Research Argument Essay

Purpose and Audience: This project is a thoroughly researched, thesis-driven, argumentative essay that demonstrates competence in both research and composition.  Your audience should be a specific group of people who are affected by and interested in your topic, but are neutral or slightly skeptical of your position. Topic: The topic should be sparked by an… Continue reading Research Argument Essay

Reading Notebook

Each week you will be responsible for writing a response to one of the stewardship strategies that McEntyre offers in Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies.  Each entry should include the following: 1) a brief summary (50-75 words) of McEntyre’s chapter; 2) your assessment of her stewardship strategy—do you agree? why? why not?—supported… Continue reading Reading Notebook

Response to Readings

Assignment:  For your first essay, choose to respond to one of the following three essays: “The Inheritance of Tools,” by Scott Russell Sanders “The Waco Horror,” by Jesse Washington “The Work of Local Culture,” by Wendell Berry Response essays can take various forms, and one essay can look very different from another, but the most… Continue reading Response to Readings