Academic Journal Article Assignment

This 600 word paper requires you to locate an academic/scholarly article of no less than 15 and no more than 25 pages related to your artifact and research topic (so this will be one of the sources for your Researched Argument essay). You must receive approval of the article from me before proceeding—the best way to do so is to bring it with you to class. You also must turn in a copy of your article along with the assignment. Below are listed the three portions of the assignment.

Once I’ve approved the article, you will read it and 1) write an academic summary of it (around 300 words). Your summary should identify the author’s thesis, argument, evidence, and basic reasoning, and should be written in clean prose.

Once you’ve summarized the article, 2) provide a brief explanation (around 300 words) of what the article teaches you about the topic on which it is written (e.g., what insights were gained, how the author interacted closely with the text/topic, points of criticism, etc.).

You must also 3) include an outline of the author’s article attached at the end of your paper (this does not count toward your word count).

Be sure to go to the library for help if you need it—our librarians are wonderful people who are willing to help you with your search. Also, take a look at this sample written by a former student.