I reserve 10% of your final grade to allocate based on your participation in our class discussions, workshops, and the poetry reading near the end of the semester.  This is a course that depends on the eager, thoughtful, wise participation of everyone involved.  Normally, I simply determine this portion of your grade by the percentage you earn in the rest of the categories, but if you consistently make valuable contributions to our class, I’ll increase this category accordingly.  Also, everyone is required to participate in a poetry reading we’ll have in the Prop Shop; your grade for this will be determined based on how well you read your poems.

I’m hoping that you will all carefully read the chapters from The Poem’s Heartbeat on the days they are assigned.  If I find that some aren’t reading these closely enough, then I’ll have to come up with reading quizzes.  In that unfortunate case, your reading quizzes will contribute to (or detract from) this portion of your grade.