ENG 112 Midterm Questions

Two of the following three questions will appear on the midterm, and you’ll write an essay in response to one of them. In other words, if you draft responses to two of these questions you’ll be prepared for the test. Be sure to have a clear thesis and support it with specific textual examples and careful analysis.

  1. How does the view of honor or fame shift from The Odyssey to The Divine Comedy?  Do both texts treat honor similarly, or do you see a difference in the way they understand the value and role of honor?
  2. According to The Odyssey, are the four cardinal virtues sufficient to reach one’s home? (You will want to consider the difference between sufficient and necessary conditions.)  Use specific examples to argue your claim.  If you think the four cardinal virtues are not sufficient, then explain what additional virtues or factors the text suggests are needed.
  3. Compare the role of art and literature in The Odyssey to its role in The Divine Comedy so far. Provide examples from each text and make an argument about the purpose of literature (its telos) as portrayed in these two poems.