Sample Final Essay

Hope for Virgil In The Divine Comedy, When Virgil is forced to leave Dante’s side at the end of Purgatory, you may have found yourself heartbroken and ready to fight for his salvation. Surely it is not just that the virtuous guide has to go back to Hell. Fortunately, it is a possibility that this is… Continue reading Sample Final Essay

Sample Virtue Essays

Video Game Hospitality In The Odyssey, one of the most important virtues that every good Greek nobleman has to exercise is proper hospitality. Zeus, the ruler of the gods, is the god of guests and hospitality, and the different places Odysseus and his men visit are evaluated based on how their hosts treat them. For… Continue reading Sample Virtue Essays

ENG 112 Sample Essays

Questions: The Path to Heaven In his book, The Divine Comedy, Dante emphasizes the role that questions play in strengthening a Christian’s faith. Dante is pushed by his mentors to ask questions to better his understanding bringing him ultimately closer to God. Instead of preaching the message, his mentors waited for Dante’s curiosity to help… Continue reading ENG 112 Sample Essays