Sample Academic Journal Article Assignment

Academic Journal Article Assignment The article I chose was titled “Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Self-Perception Changes Related to a University “Lifetime Fitness for Health” Curriculum”. The article is part of the Journal named “Physical Educator”. The introduction of the article talks about the problems faced by many undergraduate students related to health, fitness and personal… Continue reading Sample Academic Journal Article Assignment

Sample Researched Argument

Rural Education Reform: Factual Refutations of Pro-Consolidation Arguments While school consolidation has been a heated topic in educational circles for many years, research has answered very few pertinent questions and succeeded only in raising many more. Data addressing the specific aspects of consolidation has proven confusing, as the results show significant benefits in some areas,… Continue reading Sample Researched Argument

Sample Summa Assignment

Whether rural school consolidation is altogether beneficial for students, community, and local economy? Objection 1: Because schools, like companies, have a relationship between average cost and the number of units produced (in this case students); it would be logical to apply economies of scale or “the reduction of unit costs as size increases” to schools… Continue reading Sample Summa Assignment