Final ENG 112 Essay

For your final essay, you will expand one of your three short essays into a fully fleshed out, 6-7 page essay. Once you decide which short essay you will expand, schedule a meeting with me to discuss your argument. We can meet at any point after you have turned in your first essay, but the deadline for meeting with me is Wednesday, May 2. This meeting is not optional; I will not grade your final essay if you have not met with me.

I will hold your essays to rigorous academic standards; these include an engaging introduction, a compelling, arguable thesis, clear topic sentences, specific textual support, insightful analysis, and a thought-provoking conclusion. If you are unsure of what an academic essay entails, I suggest that you read The Office of Assertion, which explains this genre clearly and contains a sample student essay written on The Odyssey. You might also find this sample essay helpful. Please format your essay according to this guide.