Library Day 2


As you might recall, I had mentioned that we would be meeting again soon to help you prepare for your 3rd essay 😊     As your semester has progressed, you might have noticed that some of your professors are requiring “scholarly” or “peer-reviewed” level research (if not, don’t worry.  They will 😊)

The tutorial and assignment will help you understand a little more about what is expected of college students and their research.   When we meet in class, Kim and I will also be helping you refine or learn skills to help you succeed in all your coursework.

Here is the link for the assignment:   (If you are off campus, please remember to connect to the Global Protect VPN before beginning the tutorial).

We look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday, April 4th in the library!

Amy & Kim

(Please bring your laptop as you will need this for class).