Final Essay

Good literary essays arise from good questions. Find a perplexing issue from one or two of our texts and begin turning it over in your mind. Perhaps you can write a pre-class reflection on this issue or question. This would be a good time to come and talk with me about the problem you’re considering; if I can, I will point you toward helpful resources. Then write a proposal that begins with the problem or question your essay will address and suggests the conclusion that you think you will develop. You should look over at least half a dozen scholarly books or articles as you begin drafting your essay.

Your final paper will be 8-10 pages long in double-spaced, Times New Roman font. It will have a clear thesis, well-developed paragraphs that all advance your thesis, textual evidence from the primary text(s), relevant secondary criticism, and a strong conclusion that addresses the significance of your argument. You should cite at least four secondary sources. Please discuss your progress with me at any point in your writing process.