Digital Annotations

This assignment is an opportunity for you to contribute to a digital, annotated edition of Margaret Fuller’s Summer on the Lakes, in 1843. This project is one example of a growing area of study called “digital humanities.” For another example of this kind of digital, annotated edition, see Power Moby Dick.

You will find 15 references, allusions, or terms that you think are opaque to modern readers of Fuller’s text. You will then do research to gather the information needed to explain these, write a brief annotation, and code these in the website’s html file.

On the final day we’re reading Fuller, turn in a Word document with all 15 of your annotations. Just include the original sentence from Fuller and then your annotation. By this point, you should also have coded these in the html file.

You can view the current edition of Summer on the Lakes, in 1843. (The login page is here.) This video walks you through the process of entering your annotations into the code.

Here is a sample code snippet for one annotation. You can copy and paste this, swap out both instances of “cloten” with a different keyword, and add in your own annotation:

<label class="margin-toggle sidenote-number" for="“cloten”"></label> <input class="margin-toggle" id="“cloten“" type="checkbox" /> <span class="sidenote">Cloten is a character in <em>Cymbeline</em>, a rather doltish fellow.</span>