Midterm Questions

This is what will be on the third section of the midterm, except only two of these three essays will be present for you to choose from.

Essay Questions

Choose one of the following two questions and write an insightful, cohesive essay in response to each.  Be sure to have a clear thesis and support it with specific textual examples and careful analysis (64 points).

  1. All three of the prose texts we’ve read are concerned with the importance of reading and right interpretation (whether of written texts or of nature), and thus they consider how to form good readers.  Use examples from Summer on the Lakes, in 1843 and at least one other text to explain what defines good reading and how to educate good readers (this is a two-part question).
  2. Several of the authors we’ve read draw parallels between the treatment of different minorities, such as Native Americans, African Americans, women, and even the land. Make an argument about the means these authors (include at least two) imagine that might lead to more just power dynamics.
  3. What constitutes a healthy community and what is the (or a) purpose of a healthy community? Use The Scarlet Letter and at least one other text to support your definition.